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GoFundMe Update- Fundraiser for Bills from Failed Brain Surgery and Saving for the Next One

I know my Facebook posts lately have been full of requests to help my husband and also contain heartfelt requests to help my dear friend Karissa’s GoFundMe- she suffers from colitis and has epileptic seizures that cause her to be bed bound, though she still runs an amazing farm- Bird Brain Farms while her husband does the work outside with a phone on his hip in case she suffers another epileptic seizure. Another dear friend is running a fundraiser for Thane- a homeless gentleman who cannot live in any home due to the extreme chemical sensitivities from Lyme Disease. This morning I met a strong, amazing mama named Kara that lives a couple hundred miles away who is fighting cancer and desperately needs a good neurosurgeon to operate- she is allergic to the latex stunt that was put in her body, and now her spinal fluid is leaking from a tube. She lays in the hospital, only wanting to find a neurosurgeon and receive the correct surgery so she can get back to work and enjoy playing with her little girl.

There are so many wonderful people I wish you could help. I wish I could help each of them, but I have to ask family members to pay our utility bills while working a $1 an hour job to save for my next brain surgery. It is all I can manage. I am not offered well-paying jobs. I have the education, but lack the ability to promise to be able to work a set schedule. More often than not I lay in bed in horrible pain, and my husband and I take turns caring for our beautiful girls when the other can’t stand their pain any longer, and lay in what is now our long-term sick room to rest.
I offer my friendship and care to all of these wonderful, but hurting people, but what they need, and what I need more than anything is financial help. That’s a lot to ask- I know. I don’t know anyone that is not working their butt off and still barely making ends meet. And now, not only am I asking you to give, but I truly feel selfish asking you to only give to me. There are so many people that I’ve had the joy of meeting that are struggling, often much more than I am. We all share serious medical issues and the poverty that comes from being too unwell to be able to work a real job. Without asking I know each of these amazing people hurt, each and every day. So today, I just want to share these people with you. Yes, I still need help- we are not able to pay our bills, never mind save for the next out-of-state brain surgery. But so do they, and today I want to be their voice and their cheering squad. For those of you that are able, please give. My 7-year old gave $5 from her allowance. Just think of how much can be raised if each friend on Facebook, Twitter and friends in real life gave each person $5. We would all be that much closer to our goals- of paying for another risky surgery, paying the rent, not sleeping in a tent, finding alternative care and maybe, just maybe on a future good day taking ourselves and our kids (those of us that have them) out for a day of fun, even with the pain. Thank you for reading. Thank you especially to those that have donated and continue to support my husband and I through your kind words, prayers and positive energy. We are so grateful to all of you.



One comment on “GoFundMe Update- Fundraiser for Bills from Failed Brain Surgery and Saving for the Next One

  1. You are so amazing :*) We will make it through this! I promise! We all will pull together and pull eachother through ❤

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