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What We’re Doing, And How We’d Like YOU To Be Involved

I hope to have some of my blog posts featured here, so if you don’t want to read some of my depressed, abusive, nasty past, please don’t read any more. I’ll let you know when I’m back to writing more upbeat posts, natural living remedies and recipes. Thanks all!

The SisterWives

‘The Sisterwives’ is what happens when nine women decide that alone they are enough, but together they are stronger.

We began as a support group on Facebook.

A safe haven to check in throughout the day. To find support. To post our joys, our sadness, our triumphs and our pain.

It was a little miracle.

Because we found that we were all more alike than different.

We found that we’d been through SO MANY of the same experiences.

We found a commonality in how we approached life.

That it was to be lived with happiness. That we are meant to move through tragedy into hope, and gratitude.

We live in 5 different time zones.

And at any given moment, someone is almost ALWAYS around.

We post videos.

Sing to each other.

Make ridiculous jokes.

Lift each other up, during the darkest of times.

And with all this support and unconditional love,

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