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Happy National “O” Day Ladies! (FYI-Post About Sex-Read In Private!)

Can you guess what the “o” stands for? I’ll give you a moment….ready..Happy National Orgasm Day! Besides the question this raises, at least for me, of whether or not there is an International Orgasm Day, I wanted to spread the word of this fantastic day! Whether you have a partner, are single, straight, gay, bi, transgender, transsexual or any other of the wonderful variations that make us individuals both in public and in bed, I hope you all have some amazing sex, today or soon, to celebrate! Bring out the lube, the battery-powered toys, the role playing games and lingerie and get it on!

Now, seriously, according to the article I read 10-15% of women have never had an orgasm, and 75% of women have difficulty having an orgasm through traditional intercourse. This isn’t hard to imagine, but it’s still quite sad. Women should at least get to experience, at least once, but ideally many times, what men do without little effort, almost every time they have sex. (I’d say every time, but I know the adverse affects of many prescription drugs, which make male orgasms challenging if not impossible.) Despite the great strides in equality feminists have made for women today, there still remains a huge gap in how society views men that are sexual (horny) versus women that are sexual (whore). Erase these outdated ideas from your heads. There is no shame in finding out what you like, what pleases you when you have sex, and then make that happen! Experiment alone or with a partner until you find a way to orgasm. If you take medications, this could very likely be the reason you are unable to orgasm like your partner does. Talk to your doctor about switching to a medication that does not have this side effect. I’ve done this many times. Big Pharma is a gigantic corporation that churns out new pills on a near monthly basis. In most cases there is an alternative medication to the one (or more) you are currently taking. 

So today’s blog post is my call to action (sorry- bad pun) to women- those who have and have not had orgasms. If you’ve not had one, find out why not. See if there is a certain fantasy you enjoy that will get you in the mood. Perhaps you need to go shopping at an adult store, or if you’re uncomfortable with that order a toy, dildo or vibrator online. I’ve worked at an adult store in the past, and I can honestly say that there was nothing creepy or embarrassing about it (though the one a few blocks down was incredibly creepy and weird, for those not wanting an “adult boutique experience”!) I promise you will not be judged for walking into an adult store, at least not by the employees or other shoppers. Folks there mind their own business, unless you need some help, in which case they will happily put batteries into any toy that catches your eye, so that you can see and feel how slow or fast it moves, what motions it creates. You just can’t get that kind of experience online.

Body issues, shame, and again the negative labeling of women who do enjoy having sex and know what they want, including how to have an orgasm, are more potential reasons that 10-15% of women have never had one. I’m not a sex expert, though at one point I did own many books written by some of the best sex experts in the field, along with books about nearly every sexual situation one could dream of.  Find the experts, send them emails, talk to trusted friends, but above all else, remember the maxim, “Practice makes perfect.” It applies to having an orgasm too. Go at it ladies. Make your body writhe in pleasure and enjoy this wonderful National Day of Orgasms! (I like that title better!) Play safe and be well.

P.S. Despite many attempts, there are no appropriate pics to add on to this post! I’m not sure how WordPress feels about naked people in bed. Instead of a picture, insert your favorite sexual image here!


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