Spanking for Jesus

I a a firm believer in letting consenting adults do whatever they want to do, and I will fight a strong fight when I feel the rights of others are being looked upon as sinful, degrading or gross. Some people enjoy those kinds of things! I am not a confrontational person, but I fight for those whose sexuality is deemed worthy of getting them on the fast track to hell. I lose my patience with conservative, Bible-thumping, religious folks who speak of love but spread hate to those different than they are, primarily due to gender, sexuality or preferred sexual lifestyle.
Now it seems as though some Christians are trying to find a way to add some excitement to their missionary position, let’s procreate for God only thoughts towards sex. Unfortunately they have bypassed many, many helpful books and websites which provide solid, same rules for everyone who wish to engage in BDSM. This is where the actions of the husbands (or Masters in BDSM and Christian Domestic Discipline) steers way off course from those who like BDSM in their bedrooms or elsewhere.
The golden rules of BDSM are that there is always a safe word, which means, “Stop-right now!” and this means the action stops then, no questions asked. The next important rule is that two people who engage in BDSM are equal partners, no matter who is in the role of Master or Mistress or Slave, Cheerleader, Naughty Teacher, I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Christian Domestic Discipline adheres to none of these rules and as such it is abuse, plain and simple, though it is tidily wrapped in the excuse that God and their church agree with the “Master.”
I’ve heard about this movement for some time now, and I’m so glad you chose to address the obvious flaws and abuse evident in such an unbalanced structure of demanding respect or being punished. In BDSM you have a choice. In any of the marriages where this is being practiced the woman has no voice, unless of course, it is used to apologize for her perceived wrongdoings. This movement gives BDSM practitioners a bad name, and shows that the patriarchal rigidness of conservative Christianity is not going away any time soon.
For those of you who are religious, and know in your hearts these women in these relationships are being abused, please pray for them and reach out a hand to offer them some help. It is nearly impossible to get out of an abusive relationship on your own- take it from someone that knows. Thank you Jennie, for taking on this subject, and writing about it so well!

Tip of My Tongue

Well, this is a load of holy crap.

(See what I did there?)

Here’s a glimpse from The Daily Beast into the farce known as “Christian Domestic Discipline”:

On a pain scale of one to 10, Chelsea ranks the epidural-free birth of her child as a six. Her husband’s spankings? Those are an eight.

First, he uses his hands for “warm-up” slaps. Then comes a combination of tools based on the specific infraction. The wooden spoon is the least severe; for the worst rule-breaking—like texting while driving (“It could kill me,” Chelsea admits) or moving money between accounts without his permission—she’ll be hit with something else: a hairbrush, a paddle, or a leather strap.

But this isn’t domestic abuse, Chelsea says. This is for Jesus.

According to devoted practitioners, Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) offers a “loving approach” for couples who wish to live the only lifestyle endorsed by God:…

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2 comments on “Spanking for Jesus

  1. That was an excellent, compassionate intro… thank you. I’d add that in BDSM, males or females can be in the dominant role. Not so much in CDD.

  2. Thank you Jennie! I’ve really enjoyed reading your wonderful blog posts! Good point about either males or females being able to be dominant in BDSM. You’d think I’d remember that as it has been a fantasy of numerous partners in the past! Have a great day and thanks for following my new, slowly growing blog!

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