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Bullet Proof Biscoff?

I have fallen in love. With one look I knew I had found my sweet…treat. A few months ago I read about a product called Biscoff European Cookie Spread on one of the many foodie sites I follow. The article noted where this could be bought and what it tasted like. The blogger said it tasted just likes creamed cookies with a nut butter consistency. I thought it sounded interesting, but didn’t give it much thought. Last week as I did my grocery shopping, my first stop was the clearance aisle, as it always it at any store with a clearance section. I have found amazing deals this way- birthday gifts, unique products to sell on eBay, dented cans of fruit or beans. On this most recent visit I came across the Biscoff European Cookie Spread, so I decided to buy a couple. When I returned home I learned the story behind this unique cookie spread. Years ago there was a cooking competition in Belgium, which is where this spread is made. One of the cooking contestants came up with a recipe very similar to the cookie spread I had purchased. Her creation was so popular that she was contacted shortly after by the company that makes Biscoff Cookies. (The package of Biscoff Cookies states these are cookies served on flights. I imagine this means international flights, as I have never been served more than a small warm bowl of nuts on my first and only first class seat for a flight.) Together they came up with Biscoff European Cookie Spread. Perhaps the best way to explain how utterly delicious this cookie spread is, would be to share that one 14.1 ounce jar was empty within 5 days. Not bad, right? Well, it is, kind of, because I was the only one eating it- directly off a spoon, on graham crackers, toast and apple slices. I suppose it could be compared to Nutella, but if the two were in a competition against one another, Biscoff cookie spread would beat Nutella with ease (sorry Nutella- you were my first better than nut butter spread, and hold a special place in my heart since I discovered you during my month in London many, many years ago when I was in high school.) Biscoff European Cookie Spread is heaven in a jar and it scores bonus points for being GMO-free, something I feel very strongly about. It is not the healthiest snack option in the world though, especially when eaten in a large quantity in less than a week! (Oh- a note to readers- I am not compensated by anyone for sharing this. My blog is much too new and still wobbly in the knees to stand up and attract the notice of any companies that are looking for affiliate marketers.) So, given the fact that I can empty one of these jars with alarming speed, and I am no longer young enough to rely upon high metabolism to not deposit the extra calories and fat right too my dupa and belly, I have been brainstorming ways to make it at least slightly less (deliciously) bad for me. Here’s my idea- what about combining it with virgin, unrefined coconut oil, as many people are doing to make variations of Bullet Proof Coffee? Perhaps it could be my secret ingredient in my Get Your Butt Moving Coffee, since Bulletproof Coffee is trademarked. I dislike coffee without some kind of sweetener. I tried adding Kerry Gold Butter, which is made from the milk of grass-fed cows and is free of antibiotics along with coconut oil in my blender for several seconds, and it did make my morning coffee frothy and creamy, but it was not sweet, and as a result has not been continued. What do you think? Would adding a teaspoon or so of Biscoff Cookie Spread to the blender along with coconut oil and real butter wipe out any benefit these ingredients offer, specifically in giving metabolism a boost? Have you tried the Biscoff Cookies or cookie spread? Do you like it? What is one food that weakens your resolve if you’re trying to lose a few pounds (like I am, but I’m aware eating cookie spread will not lead to a slimmer me!) Thanks for stopping by GypsyRue today! I have so many things I’m excited to write about this month as part of BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo. Today is day 3. I have 27 more topics- some very serious, such as my 3-year struggle with horrific pain, too many failed surgeries and finding the correct diagnosis. Other topics will be more getting to know me, and sharing if you’d like, about favorite books, blogs and parenting tips and tricks. As promised I will be sharing the first installment of the Odd Jobs + Work From Home Tips and Job Leads soon. biscoffspreaddrbronnerscoconutoil


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