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Healthified (Sort of) Seasonal Cookie Spread

Biscoff European Cookie Spread is decadent. I can eat it throughout the day- on graham crackers, toast, on top of or inside cookies, muffins, cupcakes, as a dip for apples (which makes it healthy, right?) and right off of the spoon from the jar (that way I know is not healthy!)

Sadly, though for my health and diet eating Biscoff Cookie Spread multiple times a day multiplied by weeks, then months, then a year, well, that is just not a good decision if I ever want to get rid of the extra pounds I have gained since being diagnosed (misdiagnosed, actually, but that is for another post) with a rare nerve disorder three years ago. I do have a nerve disorder, just not the one the neurosurgeon thought I had when he opened up my skull to perform brain surgery! I will share this nightmare in another post. So, I am in chronic, wretched, never-ending pain which also causes complete exhaustion and complete lack of desire to even walk outside to the mailbox. No surprise, the pounds have been adding up.

I have been analyzing the ingredient list on the back of the Biscoff Cookie Spread each time I put my spoon inside for a bite. I keep thinking, “Hey, I can make this! Actually, even better, my food processor can make this, with little help from me! My goal then became to make a cookie spread similar in taste, but with at least a 25% reduction in calories and sugar. Also, since it’s fall everywhere else but here in the desert, I knew I had to make my cookie spread be pumpkin spice flavored, as I like many edible things to be each Autumn.

Unlike my Get Your Butt Moving Pumpkin Spiced Coffee of a previous post, which I am still tinkering with to create the best tasting version, and which I am not thrilled with yet, the first version of this pumpkin spice cookie (well, technically not a cookie- I used graham crackers, but it tastes exactly like cookies!) spread is pure heaven for my (and your!) taste buds, it’s also a less guilt-inducing version of Biscoff. I am delighted with this cookie spread. I want to share it with the world. You, dear readers, are the first ones to have a taste. Let me know what you think!

Healthified (Sort of) Seasonal Cookie Spread

10 Cinnamon Graham Crackers (Bonus points if they’re homemade!)

1/4 cup Virgin Coconut Oil (I love Dr. Bronner’s)

1/4 cup Pumpkin Puree from a can or a sugar pumpkin (technically by using the pumpkin in a can this should be called spiced squash cookie spread. Did you know the pumpkin in cans labelled pumpkin and pumpkin pie are not pumpkin, but Hubard Squash? Food companies and marketers decided this squash looked and tasted more pumpkin-y than pumpkin did and have been fooling consumers for many years.)

1 Tablespoon Honey – Preferably raw, local honey which tastes great and supports your local beekeepers!

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

Smidge of Himalayan salt or sea salt

Break the graham crackers in small enough pieces to fir into your food processor. Add the rest of the ingredients and puree until the spread has a smooth peanut butter-like consistency. You may have to stop the food processor a few times to scrape down the walls and push the ingredients closer to the sharp blade (be careful!). You may also need to or desire to add an extra tablespoon of coconut oil to create a creamier texture.

Put your cookie spread in a covered dish or container and place in your fridge (Unless you and your family plan to eat it right away like mine did!) It will harden somewhat in the fridge, so when you want to eat it later set it out at room temperature for 15-30 minutes.


cookiespread 036 My apologies for only a before picture, but it was eaten immediately by my family and I after I spooned it out of the food processor! Next time I make it, which will be soon, I’ll snap a picture of the finished product. It is delicious!


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