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How to Make Almond Milk Pink (Hippo Milk)

Oh wow! This blog has so many awesome recipes! Can’t wait to make pink almond milk for my kids!

Easy Vegan Recipes with The Edgy Veg

Pink milk recipe

pink almond milk

Did you know that hippo’s milk is bright pink? …Well, that’s what the internet says anyway, and we all know that everything we read on here is true! Hehehe

Anywhoooo, apparently the reason that their milk is pink, is because of two unique acids. One reddish in colour called hipposudoric, and one orange in colour called Norhipposudoric. Together these acids turn the normally white milk, pink!!

I was inspired by a meme about this pink hippo milk and decided, that I would love to create that!! Pink Hippo milk, just in time for Easter!!!

Not shortly after this, I ended up in a local juice bar and locked eyes with a jar of “Pink Milk”. It was deep, almost dark red almond milk made with beets and maple syrup.  After using this as my inspiration I came up with this pastel pink, not too sweet, but oh so delicious pink…

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