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Editing and Random Music

Another quickie blog this fine night. I had a moment of amazing customer service earlier, at Walmart, a place I try to avoid shopping, and certainly not a store I have experienced even average service. I mentioned to the cashier that she was the only one working, as I had just been yelled at by a cashier and customer for being in a closed line, despite the fact that the light was on, no little sign was on the conveyer belt. stating “Lane Closed” and I had cotton stuffed in my bad ear. I didn’t expect great service after that! I have written down the cashier’s name so I can call her manager and compliment her tomorrow. Especially with my years of work as a retail store manager and more recently as a mystery shopper, I know employees hear many more complaints than compliments. I think it’s important to acknowledge great work, especially at places like Walmart, where the employees make so money they still qualify for food stamps and Medicaid.

I have excellent news- I have been selected for a short-term editing project (short as in 3 or 4 days.) Something is better than nothing, especially with Christmas around the corner, and all my other Odesk, Elance, and FlexJobs applications remaining unanswered. There are some work as you can jobs I plan on doing more work with, and you can too! The first is Call Center QA. The require a test call to be hired. You’ll be assigned a call center, online college or similar, and based on the call and report you submit, you will be hired shortly after. The great thing about this company, as opposed to all other mystery shop companies, is that you will be emailed a list of places to call or visit online, as well as a report to fill out (so read the report first, so you know what information you need before the end of the call, such as the employee’s first name you spoke to, the greeting you were given along with the farewell, if you were thanked and how long the call lasted. Another simply fun job, that you won’t get rich at, but is great to do, especially if you’re stuck sitting at a computer all day (and you have headphones!) is slicethepie.com. On this site you will enter what type of music you like along with your contact info. Next you will be able to log in whenever you have time to listed to an unreleased song. You’ll then type in at least two paragraphs on whether you liked the song, if yo think it will be a hit, and so on. The more details you provide, the better you’ll be paid. I started out at 7 cents a song, and have worked up to an average of 13 cents a song, This amount will vary per song, so do your best to be as descriptive as possible- explaining exactly why the song sounded like nails on a chalkboard or why you want to run out and buy the artist’s CD as soon as possible. (If you do like the song, watch closely after you slide your bar between 0 and 10 to rate it, and you’ll see the name of the musician or band underneath! As I said you will never get rich doing this, but it’s an enjoyable way to pass time, especially if you have an office job that you can where headphones at!

Well, dear friends I am off to bed. Hope you all are having a great month of blogging!



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