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Library Addict for Life

nottobetrusted I am so happy to have found this image. If anyone knows where to find this button for sale, please let me know! My husband is in full agreement with the statement. Yesterday (for what I’d guess was at least the 200th time in our decade together) he came home with a large reusable bag of library books that I had reserved on his card! For as long as I can recall, at the beginning of each month our public library lists what new books they have ordered the previous month, separated by genre, along with children’s books, CDs and DVDs, as well as books they have ordered but have not received yet. This is also the page I use whenever I browse a new (or used) bookstore, with notebook in hand, and find a book I want to read or think other people will love. I type in the title and author of the book I would like the library to order, along with any relevant information, and ask that it is placed on hold for me once it arrives. Over the years they’ve ordered well over 200 books I’ve suggested. I love my books, but I’m also on a budget. There’s no way I can pay $20 or more for one book, unless I will never be able to find it used and I love the author, (Michelle Tea, Lorie Notaro, John Irving, Mary Roach, Joel Salatin, Wendy Jehanara Tremayne and last, but certainly not least Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen- your books gave me the courage to start my homestead-thank you!) One library card has a limit of 15 reserves and 25 items checked out at a time. That has never been  enough for me!

I have lived near where I was born and raised for well over 30 years. A large factor of where I live is how close it is to a library. The only other place I’ve lived was outside of Cleveland for a year. Due to a lovely surprise of me becoming pregnant with our second child while there I did not get to see nearly as many historical buildings I had hoped for. I did get to see the main library though, and it was absolutely stunning. Much as I love my native home public libraries, none of them compare to the grandeur of the Cleveland Public Library. I could have lived there (there as in, in the building!) for a month and still not have had time to appreciate every section! The only other place I dream of, book wise, is getting to visit Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon. A friend of mine visited there, and I grilled him for as many details as possible! He said it’s not an urban myth that people actually get lost in Powell’s, and they have maps for customers to help them find their way around, and at some point out of the store. I have many fantasies about how I could just keep getting lost there, for a month at least (which would not even be hard- I get lost in the neighborhoods I’ve lived most of my life!) That would be a dream come true-just to go there for  several days, even if I couldn’t have a sleepover there. Considering how much work I’ve gone to at the used bookstores I’ve worked at to make sure all the customers are out the door before the lights are turned off, and three of those bookstores would fit easily in one section of Powell’s, I imagine the employees are experts at finding the purposeful or not stray customers before closing! Visiting Powell’s is on top of my bucket list for when my children are grown. Of course I will get to Portland in an old 1970’s black Cadillac with huge fins-a car that is truly as big as a boat. The car would have to be big and tough (though I’d figure out some way to make it run on veggie oil) because it would be pulling my vintage silver Airstream along with it! I’m willing to consider another trailer or a tiny house. Heck, even the Cadillac can wait. Visiting Powell’s is a must!

Since I first learned to read my mother would take me to one branch of the library here in the desert nearly every week. Each week I would have a pile the size of the girl on the button above has, and I would leave with a pile of books just as high. It brings me so much joy to get to take my children to the same library and to share the love of books and reading with them. I may not have accomplished all my goals in life yet, but I was top reader every year at school, which still makes me happy, and I know that my children will one day read – maybe not as much as me, but that’s probably a good thing, so then they’ll have time for other hobbies and interests. I didn’t leave much time for anything other than reading in my life! I once hoped to be a librarian, but now I am content being friends with librarians so that we can share our favorite books and I can suggest books they should order each month.

Are you addicted to something? Is it books? If so, what is your favorite title or author?

Be well, friends! Thank you for reading my post.






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