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M.I.A. Lately

Happy 2015 my dear friends and readers! How is your first week of the new year going?

I have many exciting plans for the blog this year- over 60 posts on things near and dear to me, goals for the year, my passions and how I plan to allow myself time each day to focus on furthering my education, going back to my vegetarian roots, growing this blog and writing an e-book, creating awesome natural products for bodies and home, which will eventually be available via Etsy (with several tutorials here!) I am horrible at scheduling “me” time. As a freelance editor and writer I am constantly on the go- working and looking for more work. The freelance world is a unique space, but ultimately those that get the most work are willing to hustle and accept low pay while you prove your abilities and build your resume. I’ve had more than my fair share of painfully low pay this past year, as well as finding a lot of scam companies and clients. I even have a $9000 fake-check sent from one of them- you know, the age-old “cash it at your bank and give us all your personal info. Of course the starting pay before you’ve done any work at all is $9,000. Just cash it/deposit it now!” The freelance world is full of a lot more spam than legit work. I’m psyched to have found my dream project a few months ago. I am delighted to be working for an intelligent and lovely woman, editing content I enjoy.

I am also looking forward to finding my blogging voice this year. I appreciate all of your kind comments and support. I will be posting again soon. My grandmother passed on New Year’s Eve. She had been in pain for quite some time due to cancer, and her mind was foggy from Alzheimer’s. I am glad she is no longer in pain, but I am mourning the loss of her beautiful spirit in my life, and the life of my daughters. My grandmother played a huge part in raising me and I love her so much. I am devastated that she is gone. I will be writing a post on her soon, as soon as I can stop crying each time I mention her.

Once again, thanks for following me despite there not being any new posts for awhile now. I wanted to explain why, and promise I’ll be back soon! I hope this year will be great for all of you!


One comment on “M.I.A. Lately

  1. I really enjoyed reading this!! Well written!!

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