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Away I Go

My sincere apologies to any remaining readers, who  patiently wait during my extended absences from blogging due to more health problems. Now it is possible I have hypothyroidism or I am pre-diabetic, Whatever the cause I feel like a zombie must days, stumbling through the day, traveling to each specialist to hear his or her opinions and what new tests or procedures will be done. An incredibly helpful list of thyroid problem symptoms shows I have over 200 of the 300 possible symptoms. Whatever it turns out to be, I simply want to know so I can do all in my power to get better. The past three years of non-stop neuralgia pain has been hell. For the past several months I have become chronically forgetful and so completely exhausted that it is only through sheer force of will that I create healthy nut butter to go with apple slices or plan how many vegan cheeses I could make with the ingredients in the pantry. Mostly I sit, and try to work. I have gained a terrifying large amount of weight. Since there are no physical symptoms to share many family and friends think I have returned to my introverted world of no phone calls. It’s actually that I have a hard time hearing from the neuralgia that I’ve mostly given up on trying to hear people on the other end of the phone. I arrived at the wrong time for my beloved Grandmother’s memorial. I have not been able to visit my Grandfather, from the other side of my family, at his nursing home since he had a seizure, because I am so often sick with a sinus or ear infection I must check in with at least one doctor before I visit any family that I mustn’t get ill. It’s heartbreaking. Many of my relatives do not understand that I keep my distance due to love and care for their health, not because I don’t want to see the people I love who are unwell.

All is not bad. My dear friend Liv is my personal medical researcher and ally. Without her knowledge my doctors would not have known what labs to run first. I hope I can repay her some day and help her health improve as well. I am discovering the amazing world of free online learning – even tackling subjects I know nothing about, such as HTML, Ruby in the Pails, coding. copy writing and SEO Optimization. I’ve included a list of many of the sites below. I am learning about the utterly amazing $35 mini computer- Raspberry Pi. I’m curious about GNOME, though I know nothing about code yet. Exploring Google Analytics and Ad Words has been fun. I’m an editorial intern for the next 13 weeks for a lovely new site http://quirkydaily.com/. It’s described as being for unconventional women. I’ve outwardly become more conventional, but my  soul is a rebel with dark and winding paths, leading me to and fro as I discover new things to love in life, even through the most miserable days of pain and fear.

If you are a freelancer like I am, you definitely want to check out https://www.freelancersunion.org/. They are a phenomenal resource for questions such as health insurance for freelancers, laws, how to find more work, and most recently user-created Hives which is a much-needed forum and network for the often isolated work of freelancers. Now you can interact, share ideas, ask and answer questions on freelancing work and have your own tribe of freelancers, I’m so excited about this new resource from the already very awesome Freelancers Union!

Lastly, this is a superb description of Neil Gaiman’s book, ‘Trigger Warning.’ An NPR writer describes it as, “They are confections, these stories. Like eating a delicious piece of chocolate and, halfway through, finding a finger in it.” That has made the list of my top ten favorite book descriptions of all time!

Be well, readers, Enjoy the list of many, many courses. The world is a crazy place, but it  can be a beautiful one if we keep our eyes open to wonder, our hearts open to love and our brains eager and curious to learn all we can so as to make our lives more interesting, perhaps more profitable and ultimately use our unique talents to make our interconnected world a better place for all.


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