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No Internet Panic

I make most of the money that keeps the bills paid online. Each morning starts the same. I try to decipher the scrawl I’ve written while half asleep, and struck with awesome blog post or new product to make. I also write a  lengthy to-do list for the following day each evening.  I turn on the computer, see if any of my writing submissions have been accepted, then check 10-30 sites to see if there is work to be had that day by writing product reviews, guest blogs, content writing, editing,proofreading, eBay or Amazon sales for myself or others or mystery shopping. This gives me my second to-do list. If there are new help wanted posts for mystery shopping the natural food store, writing about disabilities and odd disorders, parenting, frugal living, relationships, sharing recipes, tutorials for how to replace everything in your home and the products you use on your body with all natural, awesome DIY or soon- BFMP (buy from me please) I’ll send my resume, cover letter and writing samples. Then I wait.

Today, however the computer was either hacked or it decided that 7 day 8 hour workdays are too much to ask from a old machine. Regardless, I could not apply for writing projects. shops, or browse the many sites I check a couple times each day. Instead of doing something else on my list, say plant more medicinal herb seeds, sort through the family’s clothes, bag up the outgrown items and drop them at the thrift store down the road. I could have made one of the fifty vegan meals I want to create for my family. I could read, clean up the cluttered house. I didn’t do any of these things. For four hours I shut down the computer, turned it back on, cursed when I could get one link up for a site I’d like to submit an article to, only to have it change two seconds later to an error message.

In retrospect I wasted a lot of time today and accomplished very little. My family knows how much I hate the TV. If it were only my choice there would be no TV. Music on all day- absolutely. I realized how much time I spend sitting in front of the computer screen. Considering I have no paying writing gigs at the moment I am not working, though I keep searching. Unable to log on and go through my morning ritual of website visiting for work. I was completely lost. I am leery of addiction to technology. At what point does sitting in front of the computer screen become too much? I fear I already sit here much, much too often. I’m partially positive the minute I stop hustling for paid writing projects all of the gigs I’ve been watching, and waiting to have an opening will make their appearance online, and like the shooting star every else sees right when I turn my gaze to the ground I’ll be the one saying, belatedly, “What did I miss?”

How do you handle work/life balance if you work from home? How do you manage your time? Do you find it hard to step away from work if work is in the living room?


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