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My Song

There is always at least one, usually more, songs that you hear and think, “Oh, my god! This was written about me, for me or to me.” Whether you have just starting dating a new person, and your heart beats with new passion and excitement, your body quivers just hearing their voice, or when they touch your face, gently stroking your cheek and neck before leaning in for a kiss.

Perhaps you’re ending a long relationship, and nearly every song you hear about heartbreak and the crippling despair that accompanies saying good-bye to the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with seems as though is was written just for you, for this one moment on time. There is one song that comes on as you drive your car, moving your belongings, maybe a dog and cat or two, or the most hard of all, your children, that makes you weep so hard you have to pull off the road because you’re sobbing so hard you can’t catch your breath. You make sounds you never knew were possible, the symphony of sorrow for all that has been lost. The lyrics and instrumental melody fades to a background noise, accentuating by your gasps, screams, and what feels like the complete physical act of your heart being torn to pieces.

There are songs that become linked in our memories to certain times and events. The first time you has sex. The first song you heard when you brought your first child home from from the hospital, where they were born the day before. There are other less dramatic instances. The CD  you listened to on repeat on a road trip through another state. The song that you always turn the volume up and sing along to, even if it’s the entire country’s favorite song as well, so you can be sure you’ll hear it ten more times today. It’s okay. You’re happy to listen to it over and over again. It’s even better to find the video on You Tube and see that the visions you had while hearing the lyrics were similar to what the artist was thinking. If this is the case, it becomes your song or your relationship’s song. Hearing it makes you smile no matter what, or it gives you comfort that you are not alone; you are not the first or last person to have felt this pain. What is your song? Is it poppy and popular? Dark and obscure? Happy, sorrowful, angry or loving? elliegoulding The amazing, talented and beautiful Ellie Goulding. She has three songs that I feel must have been written simply to put my emotions to lyrics.


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