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“Break Free” by Ruby Rose – Breathtakingly Beautiful & Brutally Honest

diva2 Congratulations to Ruby Rose and Phoebe Dahl on their engagement!

I’m quite ill today, so not up for writing, but do want to share. I recently discovered the amazing, talented, honest and so sexy DJ Ruby Rose. Her video for “Break Free” is a brutally honest and beautiful depiction of gender roles and breaking free from the old fashioned, narrow-minded way of living, dressing and acting like a woman, whether gay, straight or somewhere in between. I have a huge crush on her- I’m sure I’m not the only one! I’m so happy she’s engaged to the also quite amazing fair trade clothing designer Phoebe Dahl.

In her interview with The Guardian, Rose talks about gender identity, depression, her life as a model, DJ, and fiancee. Her video will strike a chord with anyone who has questioned their gender, sexuality or who they are versus who they’d like to be, either how perceived – as a man, woman or transgender, or how they feel inside. Note- there is a not-safe-for-underage-people piece in the video, so watch when you have some privacy. Let me know what you think. I am so happy to have found this critically important video that holds nothing back.


Off to the emergency room later, as I can no longer go to urgent care two minutes away, due to getting fed up with the incompetent doctors at the clinic there. Apparently I cannot be seen at urgent care if I don’t let their hack docs mess about with my health. Tis best- I’ve been misdiagnosed more times than I can count there. The emergency room is a further drive, but they’ll be able to tell me if I have step throat, a wicked sinus infection, or a reaction to the recent invasive and immensely painful series of stellate ganglion nerve blocks. I just want to be able to swallow green tea without weeping in pain. Be well friends. Enjoy the video!

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