About Gypsy Rue

Hi! My name is Tracy, It is nearly impossible for me to write a short summary or blog post, but I’ll try to keep this short. I’m a quiet person, but I make up for it in written words!

I’m a mama, wife, farmer, aromatherapy student, Buddhist, chicken, veggie and herb farmer, cook, baker, avid reader and a wide variety of music lover. I am mildly disabled and have a rare, intensely painful nerve disorder called Geniculate Neuralgia. It feels like an invisible hand holding an ice pick is attacking my right ear every minute of the day.

I am writing this blog because I have been inspired by so many wonderful people and recently, my husband, who have started blogs. I’m not an expert at any one thing, but I have lived a unique life, and I want to share the good, useful and fun parts of it with you. I hope one day to get my certificate or degree in aromatherapy. I’ll share what I’ve learned about essential oils with you, and I hope to be part of the vibrant online community of people writing about natural living, cooking from scratch, eliminating pesticides and GMO’s from our diets, choosing a life of health and happiness despite difficult circumstances instead of depression and sadness. Don’t get me wrong- I have spent a long time being depressed, anxious and having panic attacks, but I try each day to be mindful of the present moment rather than focus on the times that my life was one of fear and regret. I choose each day to make my world and our little farm the best it can be. We don’t have a lot of money, but we do have ideas, hope for the future, a desire not just to improve our lives, but also the lives of our friends, family and neighbors and an endless supply of love! This is an open space for all – I do have my own opinions and preferences, but I do not judge others and I hope this will become a place where all can speak their minds, share and find not only new ideas for homemade goods, but also the company of like-minded folks. Thanks for visiting! I hope you’ll follow along as my husband and our continue to build our little farm and our lives from scratch!



10 comments on “About Gypsy Rue

  1. “I’m a mama, wife, farmer, aromatherapy student, Buddhist, chicken, veggie and herb farmer, cook, baker, avid reader and a wide variety of music lover.”

    Lady, I’m all in! Yours sound like my dream life (although I did read the rest of your introduction, and know it’s not always dreamy). Still, farming and reading and aromatherapy? Bring on the stories!

  2. thanks for dropping by Tracy 🙂

  3. Tracy,
    I saw your comment on David’s article about Kratom. I have done extensive research and use this plant for despression/anxiety as well as for pain. Someone tried to kill me this time last year and I was left with over 50 fractures in my face. I am left with PTSD, social anxiety, and also, 4 metals plates and 24 screws in my face. I began researching this plant before my surgery and decided to try it after surgery vs narcotic pain meds they were going to give me. They gave me liquid oxycodone the week after my surgery – but this plant worked far better and still does. It’s non-addictive, or definitely less so than coffee/narcotics. And there is no w/d that I have every found. And I have used it for months on end, quit cold turkey for months on end, and go back to it with no more than some slugishness for a day or two.
    It can truly improve the quality of one’s life as well. You have a better sense of well-being and an appreciation for things that we sometimes take for granted and so many other nuances. It can be taken for diabetes, high blood pressure, it’s an anti-oxidant, etc. I also get mine from OnlineKratom which he mentioned. They are great people. They helped me tremendously when I told them my story and having no health insurance, they even had a small fund-raiser for my medical bills.
    Please, feel free to email me with any questions you might have as far as what strains may work best in your case. Or about the plant in general. When God created His plants, He said, “and all are good.”
    Big Pharma is not! Haha. But I won’t get into politics. I am much more interested in seeing you feel better.
    Look forward to hearing from you,

    • Justin,

      Thank you so much for reading my reply. I didn’t think anyone would!

      I am incredibly sorry to hear someone tried to kill you. I’m glad they failed. I can relate to anxiety and PTSD, but for different reasons.

      I had never heard of Kratom before yesterday I spent several hours reading about it and trying to decide what strains are best for pain management. I’d love to know what you’d suggest. Most of the comments I read on several sites mentioned increased energy. This would be amazing, as I’m sure you know, pain and stress erase any energy you once had. I feel like I’m a hundred years old most days, and consider getting through the grocery store without screaming in pain a major victory.

      My main goal, however is to reduce some of the stabbing, constant pain in my ear so I can do more freelance work and actually leave my house without the fear that the pain will become unmanageable and I’ll have to rush home.

      I’m waiting for appointments with more specialists who will likely be like all the ones I’ve seen before. I’ve already dealt with a Methodone Pill Mill that everyone turned a blind eye to, and surgeries that did much more harm than good. I’d love to avoid another surgery.

      If you feel like sharing more of your history, please do. One reason I started this blog, which I neglect for short periods of time, is to share the story of my pain and living life while always a 10 + on the ever present doctor’s office smiley to sad face charts, and sharing anything that I find that helps pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue and focus. The other herb I plan on trying soon is Corydalis, which is supposed to help nerve pain, back pain and muscle spasms.

      That’s truly amazing that Online Kratom ran a fundraiser for you! I did order from them yesterday, I got powder, though I read it tastes quite nasty. There seemed to be unanimous agreement on various sites that Maeng Da was best, so I got this, and Green Malay only because I had no idea what would work best and didn’t want to just have one in case it didn’t help at all. How much do you take? Do you mix the powder in juice or put it in an empty capsule from health food stores?

      I would really like your opinion-thank you for offering. What strains worked best for your pain? Do you prefer capsules, powder or extracts?

      I agree with you completely about BigPharma. There is a site where you can look up what doctors are on which BigPharma payroll- I can’t say I was surprised to see some of mine listed! I’m tired of surgeries, meds that long ago stopped working, and this constant pain that has severely altered my life.

      Again, I am so sorry to hear of the pain and suffering you face. I hope you continue to heal-emotionally and physically. Thank you very much for writing. Your words give me hope that perhaps I’m on the right path (finally!) for getting pain relief, and ultimately my life back.

      Have a great weekend,

  4. Tracy,
    I have limited internet access and on a deadline for recording some music (that I set for myself haha). But it would be much easier if we could discuss this in a brief, direct phone conversation. If you could call me tonight, I have a few minutes I could spare and it would take up much of your night.
    Please reach me at (706) 401-4209 tonight if you can. I have some good information I can share with you and advice, pointers as well that would just be too time consuming to type at the moment.
    Please email me at Slipping.into.Sanity@gmail.com if you would rather me call you. (I know you don’t want to post your number here – I’m not so reserved with mine as you can tell. Worse things will happen.)
    Please do contact me as soon as you can. I would love to help you out in anyway I can and will answer any question you have to the best of my ability and as God would have you hear it.

    • Hey Justin,

      I appreciate the offer of info over the phone, and understand limited internet access and time. My social anxiety is really bad- mostly when talking on the phone or dealing with strangers. Thank you for your help, but I avoid the phone like the plague. I’m sorry that’s the best way for you to talk and the worse for me! I wish you continued healing and happiness! Maybe we can figure out a way to chat when we both have more time.
      Be well,

  5. I will email you and respond to all your questions from your earlier comment in a bit then. I know how it is. I’ll be at a stand-still as soon as I’m done tweaking this sheet music for my newest song.

    • I appreciate it. I don’t even talk to friends on the phone- social anxiety rears it’s head in strange, often incomprehensible ways. Thanks for taking the time-whenever you have it. No rush. Have a great Sunday!

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