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“Break Free” by Ruby Rose – Breathtakingly Beautiful & Brutally Honest

Congratulations to Ruby Rose and Phoebe Dahl on their engagement! I’m quite ill today, so not up for writing, but do want to share. I recently discovered the amazing, talented, honest and so sexy DJ Ruby Rose. Her video for “Break Free” is a brutally honest and beautiful depiction of gender roles and breaking free […]

Happy National “O” Day Ladies! (FYI-Post About Sex-Read In Private!)

Can you guess what the “o” stands for? I’ll give you a moment….ready..Happy National Orgasm Day! Besides the question this raises, at least for me, of whether or not there is an International Orgasm Day, I wanted to spread the word of this fantastic day! Whether you have a partner, are single, straight, gay, bi, […]

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